Spring, Cypress, Tomball, and The Woodlands!! Bigger Homes ARE Better!!


New York City!  One of the GREATEST CITIES in the world!  Young couples are trading in their somewhat roomy apartments for apartments smaller than the average closet! 

If you’re interested in moving to a closet-I mean apartment, here are some tips to live “comfortably”:

  •  Hide Clutter!  Meaning wear your shoes when you come in; leaving them at the entry just makes the place look like a total mess!
  • Go Small!  Really? Isn’t it already small?
  • Be Creative About Storage!  If there is space for storage.
  • Be selective About Art!  Now that some really sound advice!
  • Cut Out on Garbage!  They say to compost….hmmm….WHERE??
  • Keep the Windows Clean!  If you’re lucky to have a window.
  • Limit What You Buy!   No Sam’s club 40 pack TP?  Well since I noticed there wasn’t a commode, I guess you don’t really need a 4 pack of TP.

Reminds me of The Woman Who Lived in A Shoe-Minus the shoe part!

Kudos to those who can pull this off!  I know I couldn’t!

Watch the video!!!  Tips To Living in a 240 Sq. Ft. Apartments in NYC!  They obviously don’t have lil ones!

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